Healing Packages

Healing Your Pelvic Floor the Jade Egg Way – 6 Week Package

Smiling WomanPregnancy and childbirth (even “easy” ones) can weaken muscles in your pelvic floor and cause tears in connective tissue.  This can lead to incontinence, lower back pain, prolapse (bladder, uterine, or bowel), painful sex, and a host of other problems.  In most cases pelvic floor problems can be healed holistically with non-invasive methods.

As a holistic health practitioner I can guide you through the entire process of re-claiming the health and well-being of your pelvic floor.  Most women can experience a complete healing and rejuvenation with these simple practices and techniques.  I work with you 1-on-1 to tailor all the exercises to your body and your specific needs.  Each session is private and fully clothed.

Pelvic Healing Package Includes:

  • (3) 45-60 Minute In-Person Sessions (over the course of 6 weeks)
  • (3) Email Check Ins (between sessions)
  • Unlimited Email Support (during program)
  • Personalized Exercise Program
  • Certified Nephrite Jade Egg ($70 Value)


Entire Package – $350

Email Leah@AwakenEmpowerHeal.com to schedule your first session!


Tantric Empowerment Package: 3 Months to Bliss

IMG_3574This package is fully customized to you and your needs.

Topics included in this package may be but are not limited to:

–Creating a sacred space

–Starting a meditation practice or tweaking your practice if it’s not working for you

–Healing through past trauma (sometimes trauma you’re not even aware of)

–New breathing techniques

–Body acceptance

–Raising Self-esteem

–Connecting deeply to your own energy

–Connecting to your own emotions

–Chakra balancing

–Learning about what turns you on

–Becoming orgasmic or multi-orgasmic

–Raising your libido

–Focusing your sexual energy elsewhere to feel more grounded yet more joyous

–Creating a balanced, healthy libido that feels right for you

–Yoni strokes for bliss

–Sacred Spot massage

–Female Ejaculation

–Jade Egg practices

–Connecting your energy to your partner’s energy (if applicable)

–Pleasuring your partner

–Bringing mindfulness and joy into your everyday life

My Tantra teachings are different from many others because I want you to feel empowered instead of relying on a teacher (me) to “fix” you.  I teach you amazing skills that have helped women for thousands of years so that you can go home with this knowledge and continue to explore and expand.

This is a very thorough package and I guarantee that it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  I do not offer one time Tantra sessions because that would be like one swimming lesson.  You’re not going to go home and know how to swim after one lesson.  This is extremely thorough and your relationship with yourself and everyone around you is going to benefit.

3 Month Tantric Empowerment Package Includes:

  • (6) In-Person Sessions (over the course of 3 months)
  • (6) Email Check-Ins (between sessions)
  • Unlimited Email Support (during program)
  • Personalized Program


Email Leah@AwakenEmpowerHeal.com to sign up for a package!