My workshops are offered in Austin, TX.

October Events:

We will be teaching a couple of workshops at the 25th Festival of the Goddess happening October 5th-8th!  More information here.


Sunday, October 22nd 7:30-10pm: Women-Only Snuggle Party

$15 for one or $25 for two (bring a friend!).

A snuggle party is a place where you can come to give and receive platonic touch. All touch is consensual and everyone stays fully clothed. The energy is relaxing and soothing, rather than arousing or stimulating. You may want to ask someone for a back rub. Someone may ask to hold your hand or braid your hair. You are encouraged to say “no” to anything you don’t want and a big “YES!” to the things that you do.

The first part of a snuggle party is learning and practicing rules and boundaries. This part of these parties literally CHANGED MY LIFE and the way I communicate in my relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and well, EVERYONE! You’ll learn how to ground yourself, really listen in to what it is you want and don’t want, and you’ll learn how to communicate your wishes to other people. Both verbal and non-verbal communication skills will be taught. If you’re like many people, you may have a hard time saying “no” without feeling uncomfortable about it. You may also have a hard time when someone tells you “no.” With parties like this, you learn to change the story around “no” and see that the person giving the “no” isn’t rejecting anyone, they are saying “yes” to themselves and their own needs. You’ll soon see how good it feels!

More info and tickets here


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