“Is this right for my pelvic floor?” Quiz

To find out if you need pelvic floor strengthening take this quick quiz:


1 – Do you awaken more than 2 times per night to urinate?

2 – Do you urinate when you laugh, cough, sneeze, lift, or exercise?

3 – Do you have a desperate urge to urinate when you do need to go, and have to rush to make it in time?

4 – Do you have difficulty starting the stream of urine?

5 – Have you ever had a bladder, uterine, or bowel prolapse?

6 – Have you had one or more vaginal births?

7 – Were there any complications during delivery?

8 – If you’ve had one or more vaginal births, was your baby delivered by vacuum and/or forceps?

9 – Have you lost sensation in your vagina after childbirth?

10 – Do you pass gas unintentionally?

11 – Do you have pain in the lower back that increases with sitting?

12 – Have you noticed a decrease in libido?

13 – Do you have difficulty having orgasms?

14 – Do you have pain during any kind of vaginal penetration (intercourse, finger, tampon insertion, pelvic exam)?

15 – Do you have frequent UTIs?


If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above questions you are likely experiencing problems associated with a weak or injured pelvic floor.  To learn more about strengthening your pelvic floor CLICK HERE.