Staying Positive After Tragedy

About a week ago, my mother asked me how I can bear to think about my future grandchildren and the lives they face when the world seems to be going downhill so fast.

My immediate response was that there have always been difficult or wrongful things going on in the world, but that I choose to focus on the positive and I believe that more and more people are waking up and coming into consciousness, a place where we can rise up and connect and create a positive and joyful world together.

However, after the Orlando shooting, I’ve been feeling very down, too. It’s not easy to stay positive when things hit so close to home. It can be hard to find a silver lining.

But last night, after two days of mourning, I remembered that I’m adding to the problem if I continue to stay in a low vibration, which is what we do when we obsess over the news, play and replay videos of the victims, the family members, the dreams that can never be accomplished, the shooter’s wife’s role in this tragedy…all of it. This brings us down into more sadness. Our anger, our sadness, our hopelessness, changes the vibration of this planet and weakens us all.

mister rogers
Mr Rogers’ mother knew how to look for the good in difficult situations.

I’m not saying to ignore the problems or the feelings you’re experiencing. I’m simply suggesting that you look for things that bring you joy. Look for gratitude. Look for good people and good experiences in the world. Adding to the positivity and being in the flow can help MORE than if you’re stuck in your fears and frustrations and anger.

My clients know all about Dr. Emoto’s scientific research about our ability to change water molecules with our thoughts because it’s one of my favorite subjects to talk about. Please check out his books if you’ve not heard of him. It’s also been recently discovered that our tears are structured differently depending on the feelings behind them. If you’d like to do your own little science experiment, cook some rice and divide it into two containers. On one container, write “LOVE” and on the other write “HATE.” Keep them both in the fridge (though I suggest putting them on different shelves) and every day when you think of it, take out the LOVE container and hold it in your hands while you think positive, happy, joyous, loving thoughts. Then put it back and take out the other container and curse at it, say awful things, just really get your negativity out and into that container. Within a week or two you’ll see that the negative container has grown a thick layer of mold, while the other container still looks good. Strong proof right there that our thoughts are incredibly powerful!

So as hard as it may be, consider removing yourself from Facebook if it’s getting you down. Turn off the news. Sit still, take some deep breaths, and ground yourself. Visualize sending love out into the universe. Heal your own wounds so you can feel good in your own body. That’s really the first step in helping others. Help yourself. If you’re running on empty, you cannot help others. If you’re down and depressed and hopeless, you’re not going to be able to raise other people up. And isn’t that what we’re put on this planet to do? To give love, receive love, and BE love?

Take care of YOU. Find your joy in the darkness so that you can shine and light the path for others.


Leah Love

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