FAQs About Jade Eggs

What is the Jade Egg helping with?

Pelvic tone

The Jade Egg helps to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor.


oeuf 3Many of us go through life pretty tense.  And interestingly enough, studies were done to measure the stress response in different body parts, and when women become upset or stressed, the first thing to react and tighten is the pelvic floor.  You must learn to soften, which can often be harder than learning to strengthen.  Suppleness is all about learning to relax and receive.


Dexterity is learning how to separate the muscles in your pelvic floor and squeeze them individually which can lead to greater sensation, multiple orgasms, and more sensation for male partners as well.  In Tantra this is known as “playing the flute.”

What are benefits of using the Jade Egg?

There are many benefits of starting a regular Jade Egg practice in your life.  It promotes healthy reproductive organs, balances hormones, helps heal pelvic floor injuries, strengthen weak muscles, and much more!

  • Feeling more grounded and centered
  • Heals incontinence issues
  • Increases flow of sexual hormones
  • Activates reflexology points in the liver, kidney, spleen
  • Helps you have stronger orgasms
  • Brings old stuck energy and emotions to the surface so that you can work through trauma that’s blocking you from living the life you deserve
  • Healthier reproductive organs
  • Increased energy and vibrancy
  • Decrease in lower back pain
  • Decrease in depression
  • Helps heal pelvic floor injuries
  • Strengthens weak pelvic floor muscles
  • Increases sensation during sex
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Regulates menstrual cycle
  • Raised libido
  • Become more orgasmic

Can I buy a Jade Egg online?

You can, but I don’t recommend it unless you are sure you’re buying from a reputable place.  Over 90% of the “Jade” eggs you can buy online are not actually made of Jade, and many have toxic chemicals on them.  One way you can tell if your egg is jade is to scratch it with a knife; real jade cannot be scratched.

The eggs that come with my packages are certified nephrite jade and are the best quality you can buy.

Can’t I just watch some YouTube videos?

Anyone, and I do mean *anyone* can make a YouTube video.  Should you trust them with your health?  There are many people claiming to know how to use Jade Eggs and who make videos.  That does not make them experts, nor does it mean they know the best exercises out there.

I’m here with several years of experience and I custom your Jade Egg package to fit your needs.  I know the best exercises to do for various pelvic floor issues going on and I’m here to help you!

Learn more about my program below…

Should I lift weights with my vagina?

If you’re asking this, you probably did watch some YouTube videos of people with weights tied to their Jade Eggs.  Please don’t.  You can permanently damage and scar your pelvic floor by doing this kind of thing as a beginner.  This is an advanced practice for women who’ve had a lot of experience with their egg.

Is there anyone who should NOT use a Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg should not be used if you are pregnant, unless you’ve been using it at least 6 months prior to conceiving.

It’s also not for women who have IUDs.

If you are a postpartum mom, please check with your midwife or doctor and make sure that it’s safe for you to exercise before you start a Jade Egg practice.  Jade Egg is not for women who suffer from moderate to severe prolapse issues.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Jade Egg practice and how it can benefit you!

But I do Kegels, isn’t that good enough?

Studies now show that Kegels do more harm than good!  Watch my video below to learn more…